Sex, drugs and coke in the hole

Right, stories don’t get more mental than this, are you sitting down? No? Well, sit down - good, then we shall begin. Richard Pryor is a legend both on a comedic level - thanks to his pioneering of black alternative comedy, and for his exuberant sex, drugs, rock n roll and a bit more drugs lifestyle. We can’t emphasise the drugs bit enough.

Well according to Pam Grier’s new autobiography, Pryor used to do so much rooting and a tooting through a $20 bill that it would pop out the end of his wee willy winky and cause an unprecedented and dangerous build up of the class A in her love cavern.

Gossip website Perez Hilton, who dispute the claim, asked doc Jan Gurley if this was physically possible, to which she explained: ‘it's extremely unlikely that there could be any toxic vagina effect of cocaine. All in all, having any doctor tell any patient something like that smacks of either misremembered recall on the patient's part, or, possibly more likely, a sleazy attempt by a vaguely irresponsible doc to scare someone into making a major life change. This whole topic is yet another morality tale showing yet another reason why it's so important to insist on a condom.’

Remember kids, drugs are bad for you, unless you’re wearing a condom. No, hang on! That doesn’t sound right. Basically, DON'T DO DRUGS!

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