Saying no to saying yes

Society has always had ways of controlling its wayward teens and young adults, some more macabre and truly horrifying than others. Picture yourself a medieval wench and daughter to a rich baron. No bastards for you because you have the latest design of chastity belt around your privates. Nice. Or maybe its being taught that oral sex can get you pregnant. Bad, bad sex education! These days however, changes in our overall attitudes to sex might explain recent high rates of abstinence amongst young US adults.

A sex survey carried out by the Centre for Disease Control of those aged under 24 has revealed that at least 30% of those interviewed had never had any form of sexual contact, although what exactly 'contact' implies is a little unclear. And the figures speak for themselves: today's generation just aren't in the mood or willing to get into it, Nerve explains.

'Is this a sign that abstinence-only education, the lack of teenage sex in high-school movies, and an overall cultural shift have really kept kids from having sex? If so, is that a good thing? [...] There's also some evidence that sex — in the age of abstinence-only education — may have become so stigmatized that people flat out lie about it: more than ten percent of teenagers with STDs claim they've never had sexual contact at all.

Careful, careful: ignorance of sex and refraining from doing the horizontal mambo are two different things. Maybe some kids just can't work out what to put where?

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