Sex bomb

A man from Minnesota has been arrested for giving his ex-girlfriend a mind-blowing present for Christmas –a sex toy, connected to a bomb!

It was all allegedly part of a plan to take revenge on his ex, by getting her to open a box labelled ‘Christmas presents’ that he'd enticingly left behind when he was evicted from their apartment.

Inside the box was the sex toy ‘modified with gun powder and buck shot, which were connected to a trigger inside the battery port.’ The idea was that Lester could pull some sort of ‘trigger’ and blow them up.

While no one can accuse Lester of being unoriginal with his murder revenge-plot, in the event it failed due to a lack of nouse in the technical department: it was missing ’a key starting element.’ But really, no ex-girlfriend is going to accept a sex toy as a gift in a hurry. It seems he also told a lot of people about the plan too – not a good idea if you don’t want the whole thing to blow up in your face.

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