Sex blogs: a bit boring?

In the course of our research (naturally), we caught some of The Sex Blog Girls on Channel 4 last night. No disrespect to sex bloggers, Girl with a One Track Mind, or frankly scary dominatrix Bitchy Jones (we wouldn’t like to get on the wrong side of her), but it was hardly the hold the front page stuff.

The show revealed – you’re never going to believe this – that women enjoy sex! That’s right! And – even more shock, horror – they like writing about it too! As pundits droned on about the Internet giving women the freedom to pen their erotic memoirs and fantasies, we wondered whether they’d ever heard of the Story of O. Or anything by Anaïs Nin, for that matter.

Erotic literature written by women is hardly new – whether they’ve put their real names to it or not. Just like sex has been going on for – ooh – ages and ages. Even before the Internet, believe it or not.

(Image: from pjmac’s flickr stream)

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