'Sex' billboards attract hundreds of complaints

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has received over 522 complaints from the public about billboard adverts featuring the phrase 'Want longer lasting sex?' in giant red letters. The ad campaign was for the Advanced Medical Institute (AMI) which offers solutions to sexual health problems.

But the ASA dubbed the adverts 'unsubtle and crass' as well as a potential cause of embarrassment to parents with young children. A spokesperson from the ASA told Metro that: "A number of complainants pointed out to us that the sheer size of the message made it impossible to avoid, which they found very uncomfortable."

However, the AMI argue that their campaign wasn't meant to cause offence, rather it was designed to help people with sexual health problems: "It is clear we were not out to offend anyone - and we know from representative surveys that the majority of Britons are not offended by our ads."

The spokesperson continued: "Our ads have been very successful in reaching men with these issues - many of whom are suffering in silence, too embarrassed to seek help at their GP - to let them know that AMI can help them."

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