Trigger the ticker

Coach potatoes of the world, put down that remote and step away from the large bowl of cheesy nachos. Pick up that Wi-fit game or better yet find your local Friend With Benefits for some heart-pounding activity. Chances are as you get older, you're going to need that old ticker in your chest to work harder and harder and hopefully be able to go the distance for future sex sessions (even though they might only last for a couple of minutes...)

Research conducted by Dr. Issa Dahabreh of Tufts Medical Center in Boston has uncovered the arresting truth that those who do not partake in regular energetic exercise are more likely to suffer from potentially fatal heart attacks after undergoing exercise or sex sessions, the Huffington Post reveals.

'The studies involved only people who'd had heart attacks or had died suddenly from a heart problem. The studies looked at what the people were doing during the hour or two before their heart attacks and compared that to the same people's activity on normal days with no major heart problems.'

'Physical activity and sex increased the risk of heart attack by a factor of about three, according to the analysis of the pooled results. Exercise increased the risk of sudden cardiac death by nearly five times. The researchers didn't find a triggering relationship between sex and sudden cardiac death, that is, a sudden death from a heart problem.'

Also, try having sex on a treadmill whilst eating Omega-rich food such as mackerel so that your heart can fully benefit from a complete work-out. Might not be too much fun for you though.

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