A name for the shame

It's a risky move, classifying something as a psychological addiction that to most people seems natural in differing doses. Point in question: sex. From a bit of nookie once or twice a week, to having a rampant romp most weekday evenings, who can say that too much is too much? Comparing our sexual habits to those of Hollywood stars clearly suffering from an inability to stay monogamous, we start to realise that when the top's off the lid of ice-cream, the tub will soon be empty (...hmmm... hungry now.)

It's a step that the American Psychiatric Association has recently taken in deciding that sexual addiction should be recorded as a mental disorder that has claimed the relationships and marriages of many famous people in the public eye, the Daily Mail notes. Britain however, is yet to confirm if it intends to make the same official classification.

'Despite recognition by the APA, the NHS does not currently recognise sex addiction in Britain but some British psychiatrists have reported seeing up to three ‘sufferers’ a year. While in the U.S, some American psychiatrists have claimed to treat one or two sex addicts per week.

With recognition of sex addiction can come treatment and possibly the chance for future stable happiness with a single person.

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