King's speech, queen's play

The pride of the British film industry is currently 'The King's Speech', a film which won a collection of BAFTA awards and which featured Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush in a tale about George VI and his ascension to the British throne. It might not feature bodice-ripping sexual scenes or over-heated ladies playing parlour games but the same set used for the film previously housed a gay porn shoot!

The address of the set, 33 Portland Place, was used as the set for a 'UK Naked Men' porn shoot called 'Snookered', by a chap called Jonno, featuring two guys getting it on on a snooker table of all places, the Pinknews reveals.

'However, despite a lot of attention on US blogs including the Huffington Post, there was no danger of Colin Firth accidentally stumbling into the wrong shoot. The King’s Speech began filming in November 2009, while ‘Snookered’ was filmed over a year earlier.'

Amy Winehouse had also used the location for the video of her single 'Rehab' from the 'Back to Black album. That video could have maybe done with a few butch guys, a couple of dildos and a snooker table, perhaps.

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