Serial dad is on the loose

Keith MacDonald can’t stop sowing the seeds of love. With nine children by nine different women, he’s a serial – but not a particularly serious – dad. And rampant jobless Keith is on the loose again after being dumped by his girlfriend who’s expecting his twins.

Care worker Danielle Little, 24, has walked out on Keith, also 24, after three months. The pregnant mum told the Mirror: ‘Keith Macdonald has ruined my life. It has been a nightmare.

‘One minute Keith was telling me he loved me and he'd be there for our twins and the next he was denying they were even his kids. Meanwhile I had to read about all these women he'd supposedly loved and left.

‘I got sick of Keith saying one thing to me and another in the papers, so I just packed my bags and walked out. He can see his kids if he wants to - I want nothing more to do with him.’

Sounds like a good plan Danielle.

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