Secret sex texts revealed on Twitter

A spurned husband has found himself on trial after outing details of his wife's affair online, reports The Sun.

TV plumber Ian Puddick (star of Channel 4's Bricking It) discovered his wife was having a relationship with her millionaire boss after finding racy messages on her phone. A court heard yesterday how he set up websites and a Twitter account to post details of the secret relationship online.

One text sent to Leena Puddick by her boss Timothy Haynes said 'Where do you want to have sex next - in the office, al fresco, at the flat, or all three? You greedy girl.' Haynes says that Ian Puddick's actions have cost him his managing director job at an insurance firm, telling magistrates that he needed counselling for the 'embarrassment and shame'.

Hayne's wife said: 'I have been through stages where I couldn't physically function. I've struggled to look after my children, struggled to work. It's been everywhere'

Puddick's defence lawyer told Mr Haynes: 'What are you moaning about? You suffered the same degree of harassment a burglar does when he is caught by the police.'

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