Secret art revealed

A secret archive of erotic art has been revealed in Paris. The collection features naughty photographs from early pornography and graphic stories of naughty nuns and nympho-nobility by the notorious Marquis de Sade and French literary great Voltaire. 

The works were seized hundreds of years ago by the police for their sexual nature which was deemed ‘immoral’. But since then, times have changed, to say the least, which is why these works will finally see the light of day. Or not, in some cases… Some of the works are to be displayed in a disused Metro station providing a sneak peek of the exhibition.

Trains going past the Croix-Rouge station will slow so people can look at explicit engravings. Though it’ll certainly liven up the daily commute. They’d just better not try this is Japan – they’ve got enough pervy problems on the tube as it is…

(Image: from Alaskan Dude’s flickr stream)

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