Season’s cheatings

Think your partner is cheating? According to infidelity expert Ruth Houston (we hate to think how she got her moniker) Christmas is the perfect time to stop that cheat. Ruth is author of "Is He Cheating on You? 829 Telltale Signs" (Wow that’s a lot!) She says "This is one of the two times, along with Valentine's Day, where it's easy to expose a cheat."

Houston recommends checking credit card statements and phone bills for any out of the ordinary charges or calls. She also recommends getting down to your spouse’s Christmas party to watch their behaviour with co-workers to find out which one they’ve been snogging in the stock cupboard. 

But the real tell-tell signs can be found on the day. Cheaters will want to communicate with or even see their floozy, so watch out for phone calls, text messages and emails, or your partner nipping away unexpectedly as the turkey appears. So, if you’re desperate to know if your partner is playing away, now’s the time to start the detective work. Just don’t expect too merry a Christmas…

(Image: from robad0b’s flickr stream)

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