Who's the brother?

All eyes were on one particular couple on Friday, as Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge and ascended to what some people believe is the pinnacle of 'social-climbing': becoming the Princess Consort. However, as one of her family members began a reading during the service at Westminster Cathedral, the social networks were ablaze with comments about another member of the Middleton's, and we don't mean Pippa in that controversial bridesmaid's dress...

Millions around the world started to use Google and other famous web search engines to find out if Kate and Pippa's brother James is gay. Whether it was his well-coiffeured appearance, the hint of a tan or his eloquent rendition of 'Let love be genuine' that sparked the Twitter trend, remains to be seen, according to Pinknews.

'The social media traffic relating to Mr Middleton today has included users sharing photographs of him partying in one of his sister’s dresses and another dressed as a French maid. A third photograph shows him naked aside from a strategically placed bottle of beer.'

'The Daily Telegraph reports that last month Mr Middleton posted a photograph on his Facebook page showing 'four men, backs to camera, with their trousers around their ankles and bottoms on show standing on a country road called Back Lane.''

Somehow we don't think the Royal Family has much to fear from Prince Harry's antics, involving fancy-dress parties and dressing up like a nazi, anymore.

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