Is there a badge for that?

They're known for having a variety of skills that even the handiest of Handy Men would find hard to match: knot-tying, setting up camp, D.I.Y and more besides. For each qualification gained, comes a badge that is proudly stitched onto their infamous green uniforms. Now it seems that the Scouts will be branching out into other activities to help keep British teen minds occupied, namely providing them with sex advice.

Scout's honour, this is a real news story, courtesy of the BBC.Plans are underfoot by the Scouts Association to allow its members to provide sex education to UK teenagers, in attempts to curb growing levels of teen pregnancies and sexually-transmitted diseases. A video titled 'My Body, My Choice' will form the core part of the educational services on offer.

'The learning programme will cover relationships and sexual health, is designed to be used in a "relaxed and informal environment" with both male and female scout group members, and was developed because of increasing demand among scouts and their leaders, the Scout Association said.'

Is it us or do we think that Scouts themselves will need some educating on all things sexual before they teach others? Or does our idea of what scouts get up to need a little updating?

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