Woman pretends to be man gets women

Art is mirroring life or is it the other way round? Either way, when we watched the film 'Boys don't Cry', we were more than a little sceptical at Chloe Sevigny's inability to discover Hilary Swank's character's true gender identity. We're not talking transgender issues in this particular story (although that film was about 'trans' issues) but about one particular case of a woman trying to play 'hide the (non-existant) sausage.'

The player of said game is one Samantha Brooks, 26, from Perthshire who posed as a man, Lee Brooks, for nine years and in that time, was able to attract the attention of two women who she proceeded to have sex with using a phallic object covered in a condom as a pretend penis, the Pinknews reports.

Brooks had 'hidden her genitals by claiming she had testicular cancer. She is also said to have hidden her breasts by claiming that she had suffered burns and to have urinated while standing [...] It has not been suggested that she is transgender.'

Brooks has now been charged with fraud and two counts of assault against the two (not particularly observant) women.

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