Scots supersize it

When men buy condoms, do they go for their actual size, or as they get inch closer to the check-out is it more a case of - 'hold it right there cashier, I picked up the mediums, but of course I'm an XL....'

Well, that's the big - scuse the pun - debate of the day, after a branch of Tesco's in Glasgow reported that their new XL range has been flying off the shelves. The extra large range, a whole half inch bigger than the standard 8 inch jobbies has apparently had so much demand in the hard as nails Scottish city that it's sold out. Alright, that was a lie - but seriously, it's really clocking up the sales, 25% up week on week over the last month.

A spokesperson for Durex said: "Demand has been a success, especially north of the border in Scotland. In the last year there has been a very strong demand for a larger sized condom and the sales prove that there is a market for them in the UK."

Whether or not men are blowing their own trumpets, or whether or not their girlfriends are buying them for them under duress, i.e 'we'll get the smalls shall we?' Confused look. 'No darling we'll take the XLs' remains to be seen.

On the other hand, it might just be true what they say about men in kilts.....

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