Scooby dooby do!!

Girls, we know you like to carry around chihuahuas in your Louis Vuitton handbags but if you ever got into trouble, would those tiny pooches put up much of a fight? Unless you maybe threw your purse at your assailant, launching your pocket pup towards his face where one well-placed bite might take off an ear-lobe...?

Take note from one Agustin Zamora Jr. who prevented a sex attacker from targeting a fourteen year old girl in Chicago with the help of his great dane Scooby, a dog that legitimately would give a leopard a run for his money, Jezebel reports.

'After spotting the girl being attacked in a neighboring yard and hearing her cry for help, Zamora called for Scooby to provide back-up. Together they chased the suspect down a street—cornering the man in an alley. Being gigantic and all, Scooby was able to intimidate the man with his size and growl while police rushed to the scene, reports the Chicago Tribune.'

We're hoping Scooby received more than his normal allowance of Scooby snacks as a reward for not rolling over and waiting to be patted on his belly when he reached the offender!

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