Scientists versus the kids

Things are getting space-age in the fight against porn. Scientists are developing a face scanner that will read the person’s face before accessing pornography to determine if they are of legal age. Researchers say that the device is far more effective than humans at correctly guessing the age of the person.

So in the future we will all have face scanners on our computers to make sure our kids don’t look at naughty sites. But, erm… aren’t they forgetting one thing? Even if it can correctly guess the facial characteristics, they’re forgetting that teenagers mature at different ages. There are16-year-olds who are as physically mature as 18-year-olds and then, believe it or not there are those 18-year-olds resemble 16-year-olds. It’s only two years, and as puberty begins and ends very differently for everyone, we don’t really see how this is going to work.

Even if they made the legal age older, the sands of time erode us all differently because of biological makeup and lifestyle. So we can’t really see this working.

But then, they said there’d never be a man on the moon. This is a bit different though. We’re slightly more bothered about furthering space exploration, than stopping hormonal teenagers getting a peak of a naked lady. Although that’s just us

(Image: from lunchtimemama’s flickr stream)

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