Take my breath away

Here in the Excite offices, we often hear urban sex tales that should we ever publish them ad verbatim, we would find ourselves a) unpopular (to say the least) and b) facing an almost certain unending stream of libel claims. But having said that, we did enjoy one recent story whereby a heavy moaning boyfriend had his head forced into a pillow during the act of love-making, only for his girlfriend to find out, seconds later, that he'd actually fallen asleep.

Why restrict the pleasurable grunts and shouts that the average caveman/city-banker gives out when getting his rocks off, we wondered. And along came a scientific article that proves that making animal noises, and in particular irregular breathing patterns actually support sex, Discover tells us.

A 'typical feature of sexual intercourse is involuntary sound production implying in its more intense forms acceleration of breathing (hyperventilation) [...] This article discusses implications of hyperventilation during sexual intercourse for alterations of consciousness and subjective experience in the light of recent studies of brain metabolic changes during states of hyperventilation. Groaning and hyperventilation are interpreted in this context as a psychophysiological mechanism to deepen states of sexual trance.'

Pyschophysiological trances, eh?! Svengali never had it so good!

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