Don't go breaking my heart/back/arm

A friend once told us about a particularly painful break-up with her boyfriend, which happened after they had been going out and living together for nigh on six years or so. What made the break-up especially painful for her was that her lover had been doing the dirty more than once. For him, it was painful when he walked out of her apartment after telling her the news and she threw a plant pot at his head. As we all know, love, or more specifically, bad break-ups do hurt.

And for once we have the neurology boffins at Columbia University on hand to back us up. Recent experiments conducted on human guinea pigs revealed similar reactions within the brain to hot metal probes as to the memory of pas painful relationships, Jezebel reveals:

'After numerous painful hot probes, the scientists concluded that the parts of the brain linked to physical pain also light up when people remember breakups. They hope to use this information to develop new techniques for easing mental suffering.'

We recommend easing the pain by hurling plant pots, pictures, books or even furniture at the person who does the breaking up. After all, a sense of some form of vindication should come with being dumped.

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