Frozen joy juice

Keep a close eye at what's in the fridge fellas! Your lady might have been getting a little broody recently and what with your resistance to start a family of crawling little monsters (ahem), we mean, lovely little angels, she might have to resort to other ways to start a family. Cue: the turkey-baster and a jar of your best swimmers. However, pretty soon, scientists will be able to grow your sperm outside of your body. Neat, or plain scary?!

Said scientists, such as Takehiko Ogawa who are right now are working in the Yokohama City University, will need some of the stem cells from your testes to do this. But the end result might be the same as for the mice they have been experimenting on: babies produced without the male mouse directly fertlising the female's egg, the Huffington Post reveals.

'If the technique proves transferable to humans, the discovery could help scientists identify solutions to male infertility, and provide options to young cancer patients whose treatment causes future infertility, experts say.'

'By gaining a better understanding of the molecular steps behind sperm formation, scientists could tap into important clues to make in-vitro fertilization possible for men.'

In the future, custody battles won't be fought over children but over children-to-be, namely that store of sperm lying frozen somewhere in a lab. Which, let's face it, is better than a mayo/gone off milk specimen in your SMEG fridge.

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