Science teacher investigated over Facebook sexy pics

A science teacher, presumably ill-acquainted with Facebook’s privacy settings, is being investigated after her nosey pupils saw ‘semi-naked’photos of her on the social networking site.

Kirsty Cook-Bell, 33, has been off work since governors launched an inquiry at Grace Academy in Chelmsley Wood, West Midlands. They refused to say if she had been suspended.

Pupils are said to have seen photos of Ms Cook-Bell posing in a bikini and with lipstick smeared over her face, blowing a kiss. One parent of a pupil at the school said: 'It's the talk of the school.'

Last night, governors said in a statement: 'An investigation is taking place regarding a report about a member of staff. Until the outcome, further comment would be inappropriate.'

On her Twitter ‘bio’, the teacher describes herself as 'witty, intelligent, annoying, horizontal, sporty and dizzy'.

At least in this case, she seems to be pretty unlucky too.

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