Saying it with flowers

The thorny issue of road offences is being tackled by attractive female officers handing out roses to offending motorists.

Police in Dazhou, in China’s Sichuan province, came up with the idea for ‘beautiful officers’ to persuade motorists to drive safely by the flowers.

Female officers aged between 25 and 45 have been ‘selected’ (read duped) to take part in the campaign. Strangely, no men have been chosen to participate.

A spokesperson said: ‘The idea is to let drivers feel more eased and relaxed so they take our message on board.’

‘We think drivers might respond better to roses from a pretty girl than to a speeding ticket.’

That’s less on the pedal in exchange for a few petals. The campaign, organised by the local public security office and the women's association, aims to hand out 100,000 roses and 100,000 pendants before the end of the year.

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