Say ahhhhh

Competition in the German dental industry is so cut throat that one dentist ordered low-cut dresses for herself and her employees, to distract patients while they work on their teeth.

Dr Marie Catherine Klarkowski, from Munich, ordered 10 traditional low-cut Dirndl dresses, all with tight bodices and low cut cleavages, after seeing the reactions of male visitors to the dress at the local Oktoberfest.

Dr Klarkowski, 41, said: ‘The most important thing for us is to take away the patients' fear. The sight of cleavages gets patients narcotised and distracted from the pain rather quickly.’

She continued: ‘Some patients' mouths are already wide open on entering the practice - and that is just what a dentist wants.’

And the risky risque venture is already working a treat – patient numbers have risen by a third since the introduction of the dresses – though these are nearly all men.

She added: ‘It could be that the cleavage is a little distracting but in the end it's me who has to concentrate and the patient can perhaps think about something different and relax during the treatment.’

But will employees feel relaxed dressed to drill in a skimpy folk costume? Dr Klarkowsk seems to think so, and has even turned her practice into an ‘Alpine Lounge,’ including an open fireplace and deer antlers on the wall. She added: ‘Competition doesn't sleep - I know colleagues who have decorated their whole practice with Mickey Mouse and one even in Star Trek style.’

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