Saturday Spa Fever!

We all know him from lusting after Olivia Newton-John in skin-tight leathers in 'Grease' and grooving away with the girls to the Bee-Gees in 'Saturday Night Fever' but apparently, John Travolta was also a man's man as well as a lady-killer. A recent biography of one LA interior designer's frequent visits to the city's gay saunas in the nineties is now outing a number of famous US male celebrities, including our very own JT.

Jezebel reveals that in 1995, when Robert Randolph, the author in question, was getting his jollies down in the steam-rooms of LA, Travolta and a number of other well-known male celebrities were also hitting the Turkish baths to hit on Turkish men.

'Travolta, he says, visited gay spas several times a week, and was always on the lookout for some man-on-man action. [...]Randolph claims he's seen Travolta in any number of compromising positions over the years.' Here at Excite, we're hesitant to publish exactly what those particular positions were.

The most bizarre element of this potential 'fairy-tale' (bah-bom-tish!), is Randolph's account of Travolta's preference for non-white males: After a black guys, 'he was into Middle Eastern men. Then it was Mexicans and other Hispanic guys. Then he moved on to Koreans. I guess he doesn't have much of a preference any more.' As long as it wasn't female and/or his wife, Travolta was apparently quite open-minded when it came to sex!

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