San Fran chappies to avoid the chop

It's a good thing that if your parents decide to remove your foreskin via a medical procedure, they do it when you are a few days old and unlikely to put up much of a (coherent) protest. Imagine if circumcision was mandatory at 13: you'd be unlikely to get many volunteers who would be ok with having their penis transformed (or taken out of action for a week or two) when they are just as able to get the 'job done' (ahem) with or without that extra helmet.

However, for most American parents, circumcision is seen as a preventative against bad sexual health, cancer and a variety of ailments. The state of San Francisco however, may start fighting back against mandatory circumcision with a proposed ballot advocated by one Lloyd Schofield, a 'foreskin regeneration' expert who is comparing the procedure to ritual female genital mutilation in various ethnic/religious communities, The Smoking Jacket reports.

'Though it’s rooted in religious rituals, instances of male circumcision have spread way beyond that [i.e., female circumcision], especially in the U.S. But since the Center for Disease Control has yet to take a side in the matter, declaring it neither necessary or not, rates have dropped steadily in the U.S.–32 percent of boys underwent the procedure in 2009, compared to 56 percent in 2006.

Bananas may never look the same again to San Francisco's teenage male population.

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