Same-sex strip search the way forward

This might be a different experience than that of an airport security guard trying to find any form of explosive equipment on your body: having a same-sex prison guard shake you down for any skeleton keys, shanks or...again...explosive devices. Both aren't particularly pleasant but if the latter is performed by a member of the opposite-sex, the whole procedure would be considered illegal in America. No matter how sexy that prison guard may be.

The ruling, as carried out by California's Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, was made after an inmate at the state's prison reported his strip-search at the hands of a female guard as 'humiliating':

'While 6 of the judges found the search 'unreasonable,' there was dissent. 'Judge N. Randy Smith said the cadet had conducted the search professionally and, although it was 'unsavory to our sensibilities,' the action met legal standards,' Jezebel reports.

Our collective minds are reeling as to what happened in this strip-search...too much handling of the goods or maybe an unnescessary cavity-search?

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