Sale of male sex toys on the increase in UK

According to Metro, the sale of male sex toys is on the increase in the UK. The online sex toy retailer LoveHoney reports that it sells one male sex toy for every three vibrators.

But while most blokes have no problem discussing their internet porn habits down the pub with their mates, it seems that not many would own up to buying a plastic vagina or an inflatable Annie.

Good Sex Guide author Julie Peasgood reckons this is down to the media: "Women are generally much happier to talk about toys, thanks to programmes such as Sex And The City and magazines such as Cosmopolitan."

Either way, even if they're not talking about it, blokes in the UK are buying sex toys as if the Credit Crunch had never happened. The UK’s most popular item is the Tenga Flip Hole. Just fill it up with whatever type of lubricant takes your fancy, slip it on the top of the pork bishop and you’ll be skipping the light fandango before you know it.

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