Great news. Budget airline Ryanair, not content with treating each and every one of its customers like cattle, has decided that it’s high time it degraded its own staff too.

Among the scratchcards, fake cigarettes and countless other items you get bombarded with upon take off, Ryanair are set to flog a sexist calendar of its employees, stripped off to bikinis and ready to do their bit for charity.

Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary said: ‘Our cabin crew stunners are delighted to strip off for charity. We hope to raise 100,000 euros.’

So next time you’re on a grounded Ryanair flight waiting for take off and the wait is so excruciating you begin to doubt your sanity, why not flick through the calendar and have an oggle at what the Sun calls Ryanair’s ’trolley dollies’. And if you prefer to see scantily clad men, tough luck. It’s all for a good cause, honest!

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