Russell B-randy

Now he’s settled down to married life with Katy Perry, Russell Brand has been talking candidly how his celebrity status once helped service his mammoth sex drive.

The lothario has revealed that on one occasion he had nine sexual encounters in a single night. ‘I was having sex with different women three, four, five times a day,’ the Essex boy said.

‘In Ireland, nine in one evening.’

That’s an awful lot of women Russell - you cad. But the 35-year-old sex connoisseur was quick to point out that far from living in a perennial state of sexual fulfillment, he did get a few duff shags out of it.

He said: ‘When you have sex that often, by a law of averages you're likely to have boring sex.’

Stands to reason Russell, please continue. ‘My fame meant instead of taking someone for a date I was able to go, 'Let's do sex right now'.’

Celebrity evidently is one big members’ club - at least for some celebs.

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