Russell Brand Sex Video

Want to do see Russell Brand doing what he apparently does best? No, not comedy – sex! For the new film, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Russell beds Hollywood starlet Kristen Bell on screen and by the looks of it – it’s impressive stuff. Sadly it’s not a dirty documentary, so you don’t get to see exactly what Mr Brand likes to do with most of his free time. But you certainly get a taster!

The much-loved lothario plays British sex-crazed rock star Aldous Snow (he must have had to use all his acting skills for this one), who gets up to all sorts with the ex-girlfriend of the film’s main character. And if these hyperbolic sex scenes mirror real life in any way – Russell we salute you, while being slightly scared by the look on your face…

So if you’re curious to see how Russell rolls, or if you’re one of his conquests wanting to see if the film has stayed true to life – get along to the cinema in April when the film is released!

(Image: from YouTube)

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