Rubber Jonny's new set of teeth

Providing a more effective alternative to anti-rip underwear, science boffins have now created a means of deterring unwanted amorous advances being made towards women and of even lowering incidences of rape, all thanks to a new condom with built-in teeth.

Dr. Sonnet Ehlers, the South African-based braniac behind the invention has been demonstrating the different kind of protection that this condom can provide, once a woman has fitted it. If a man puts his pride and joy inside it, it grips like a vice, causing considerable pain (rather more extreme than being caught in your zipper guys!) 'If he tries to remove it,' Dr. Ehlers tells the Sun Online, 'it will clasp even tighter.' Apparently, the device prevents the assailant from peeing and can only be removed by a doctor, who would then be able to help convict the man.

Critics of this powerful prophylactic have called it 'medieval', explaining that being trapped within the sheath could further provoke the man to cause more harm to his victim. That may be so, but in places like South Africa where rape levels are high, this might prove a handy alternative to women keeping a brick in their purse!

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