Royal wedding equals more bedding

Although thousands of royal fans and non-royal fans alike were speculating over the wedding night of Kate Middleton and Prince William after they got married earlier this year, many couples were already heading upstairs for their own bit of celebratory nookie.

Pubs were staying open at least two hours after the usual closing time, giving hard-working citizens around the sceptred isle more time boozing and enjoying the bank holiday weekend.

However, as one medical centre in the Northamptonshire region reported, that weekend saw the amount of people in need of the 'morning after' pill triple, the Huffington Post reports.

'A safe sex advocate for Northamptonshire [commented that]'whatever else they say, these figures suggest some people may not be thinking enough about their contraceptive needs.'

There's 'keeping up with the Joneses' and then there's keeping up with the Royal Family who, let's face it, probably won't be starting a Royal Family of their own any time soon!

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