Naked Kate

'Waity' Kate and Prince William finally tied the knot on Friday, surrounded by friends, family and royalty from around the globe in the magnificent environment of Westminster Cathedral. Pomp and pageantry were plenty but the setting could have become a lot less formal if the bride's worst fears for her wedding day had come true.

Revealing all to her sister and chief-bridesmaid Pippa Middleton, Kate confessed that a dream she had previously experience before major turning points in her life had returned, the Sun reveals. Upon arriving at the altar to get wed to her fairytale Prince, Kate discovers that she is completely starkers:

A Royal source revealed that 'She finds herself in front of the congregation and then becomes suddenly aware she is completely naked. There is a deathly silence - and everyone from the Queen to Prince Philip is staring at her.'

'The source added: 'Kate has joked the worst bit is she can't work out which parts to cover.'

Forget the protein shakes that Kate was reported to have been drinking to prepare for the event: it sounds like she could have done with a few Gin and Tonics!

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