Riming couplet

Country singer LeeAnn Rimes was in high spirits as she rang in the New Year with fiance Eddie Cibrian in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico.

The pair could hardly take their hands off each other as they celebrated at the Pink Kitty nightclub. 28-year-old LeeAnn was even seen throwing her hands up in air as they put their moves on show.

After the party she took to Twitter to proclaim to world how happy she is, writing: 'I want to remember exactly how I feel right now in this moment of tears. I'm a fortunate woman. Remembering this at all times all year long.'

LeAnn and actor Eddie, 37, announced their engagement last month. Rimes disappointed many of her fans when she admitted to having an affair with Cibrian while they were both filming Northern Lights in 2008, while she was still married.

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