Rihanna’s umbrella works best when it’s raining women

Holywood woke up this morning to rumours that singing saucepot Rihanna enjoyed a lesbian fling.

Socialite and model Tajah Burton claims in a book that she had an affair with a female singer from Barbados.

The cap fits for Rihanna, 22, who was born on the island and has previously admitted feeling attracted to women.

Tajah told The Sun that she didn’t want to name the star without her say so, but said:

"We had an amazing connection. We would order food in together, we watched TV together, we did all kinds of stuff. I listened to her music with her. Music is her life. It became a sexual thing. It only lasted a couple of weeks because she was very busy and had a lot going on in her life and we had to be secretive.’

The model, from San Diego, California, added: ‘I would say she's bisexual. It was really exciting. It was unexpected and it was very fun. The sex was really good but there was more to it - we really had a connection. She inspired me and we helped uplift each other.’

While Rihanna has remained tight-lipped about the claims, in 2009 she spoke of her ability to be attracted to both sexes, and called Megan Fox ‘yummy’.

Sounds conclusive proof to us.

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