Ride the big stripper

Never mind holding on to your stomach when the loops and twists of rollercoaster rides make you feel a little nauseous: for a hardy group of 100 exhibitionists, it was more a case of holding onto your wobbly bits. To raise money for breast cancer research, 102 intrepid samaritans rode the Green Scream rollercoaster ride in Southend on Sea in Essex in nothing but their birthday suits, the Sun Online reports.

Over £22k was raised in the venture which beat the last record-breaking attempt at naked rollercoaster riding in 2004, when 32 people went on the Nemesis ride at Alton Towers to mark 50 years of the Guiness World Records.

Barbara Warner, the senior fundraising manager at Bosom Pals which co-ordinated the event was astounded by the bravery of the fearless one hundred and two:

'It takes a lot of nerve to take off all your clothes in front of 102 complete strangers, plus the world's media - so we would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who was brave enough to bare all and raise such a huge amount of cash more than £22,000 - for our vitally important cause.

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