Ride 'em cowboy!

Women across the U.S. are looking out to their borders, gazing with wistful glances towards the plains of the Wild West, the brushland and savannah areas of the American countryside and the wild untamed nature outside surburban living. Why? Well, because scientists have proved that country boys tend to have bigger cocks than city slickers, that's why. In a nutshell.

The ladies at Jezebel website have been salivating over a recent report that states that farm-hands, cow-boys and other male workers in the great wide yonder are more likely to be blessed with a large endowment, due to a number of factors, all of which might seem particularly unimportant considering this 'ground-breaking' revelation.

'In the December issue of the journal Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Bulgarian doctors report results of a 6,200-boy survey showing 'a modest though significant difference … with respect to penile size between urban and rural populations.' Country boys were born with longer ones and the disparity continued as the boys grew.'

Maybe its time to learn how to use a lasso ladies?

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