Revealing Christine Keeler

Forget Sam Cam, the all time top Tory totty award must go to Christine Keeler, whose affair with war secretary John Profumo toppled a Conservative government. Now, new photos of the former call girl are to go on display – reminding us what all the fuss was about.

Even if you’re too young to remember the 1963 sex scandal, you’ve probably seen that iconic image of Christine, naked straddling a chair, so memorably played by Joanne Whalley in the 1989 film, Scandal.

But James Birch of London's Mayor Gallery, which holds next month's exhibition, said: ‘Few pictures of her were produced. That's astonishing as she's the most scandalous female of the 20th century.’

Thankfully, the exhibition will put right that inexplicable historical oversight, as new topless snaps go on display alongside lots more personal stuff from her life. With any luck, she might make a few bob from it too.

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