Head/heart ache

We might inadvertently be arming men across the country with academic reasoning that they will be able to wave around frantically when they are next turned down after getting turned on: a recent scientific study has revealed why some women decline sex more than others.

According to Michael Diamond and his team at the Wayne State University in Detroit, ladies with low libidos usually have a restricted amount of blood flow entering certain parts of their brains whilst they are getting into the mood, the Times of India reveals. Diamond believes that this physiological phenomenon can disprove what are usually believed to be stereotypical, societal rebuttles.

'Michael Diamond and his team asked women to watch erotic films and then a blank screen, and measured their brain's response using MRI scans. They discovered that during the sex scenes, women with a normal sex drive had an increased flow of blood to parts of their brain. But those with low libido did not have any increase in blood flow. Diamond said the findings offered 'significant evidence' that low sex drive is a genuine physiological disorder.'

The next time she has a headache, we recommend actually getting some aspirin rather than getting the hump.

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