Recycle your rabbit today!

We know what you’re all thinking. “I love my orgasms, but I want to do my bit for the planet too. Why can’t I do both at once?”

Those clever people at LoveHoney are one step ahead of you. They’ve come up with a vibrator recycling scheme for environmentally-aware hedonists.

Vibrators are electrical equipment, after all, so should really be disposed of at an electrical waste collection centre. But if you can’t bear the thought of turning up at your council site with a dog-eared rabbit in hand, LoveHoney has the answer.

First, take the Rabbit Amnesty Pledge. (“I pledge not to leave the batteries in my Rabbit Amnesty Rabbit Vibrator when it is not in use.”)

Choose a new vibrator for half price, send in your old rabbit, and then, you can really start to enjoy yourself and your new “ecogasms”.

(Image: from LoveHoney

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