Record breaking, harassment hating

When is a record-breaking level of compensation not a record-breaking level of compensation? When it comes as small pay-back for continued and sustained harassment at the hands of an employer and when legally, the court in question physically cannot award such a high amount of damages.

This is the story of one Ashley Alford of the Fairview Heights branch of an American company called 'Aaron Rents' a 'rent-to-own' company, we're told by STL Today. Her case has now set the bar for other court cases seeking to provide justice where extreme examples of sexual harrassment at work are found.

Ashley, who 'was elated when hired at the company on Halloween in 2005', was looking forward to a career in customer service, being within walking distance of the firm and on good relations with her co-workers.

However, her boss proceeded to nickname her 'Trixie' or 'Trix', touch her inappropriately, giving her gifts of clothes and chocolates before sneaking 'up behind her as she was sitting on the floor of the stockroom and [hitting] her on the head with his penis in the fall of 2006.' The defendant claimed to have also been pinned down and masturbated on by the accused.

'Although the jury awarded $54 million on claims under federal law, caps will hold it to $600,000, [the lawyer for the defence David. S. Ratner] said. The law also allows for attorneys' fees and costs, he said. The remainder of the award came in allegations under Illinois law, which has no caps.'

That's more than enough to start up your own company; one which has better behaved workers in, we hope!

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