Untightening belts

Stuck in a tent on a campsite on many a rainy holiday in the British Isles, we were often subjugated to endless games of eye-spy, Gin rummy and folding up bits of paper to make 'Consequences' - not because our parents were stone-broke and couldn't afford actual games etc., but because the English weather doesn't always permit outdoor activities (ain't that the truth!) However, surveys now show that Brits are more than happy to spend quality time together when money seems to be a problem.

Case in point: the recession. According to the Daily Mail, the lack of ready funds for meals out, cinema tickets, gigs and shows results in couples battening down the hatches and creating their own entertainment. In turn, a mini baby boom occurs.

'But it’s not true for all couples. Some people who have split up are still living under the same roof as they can’t afford to move out and they certainly won’t be getting amorous.'

'Experts say that despite the costs of having children, women who have recently been made redundant often decide that now is the time to have a baby. To back up the claims of increased bedroom activity, experts point to the soaring sales of pregnancy testing kits and a drop in the number of condoms sold.'

Considering the small fortune that children cost, it would be best to start saving money in non-Recession times. Just in case of any unexpected baby boomage, perhaps.

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