Really? Who would have funk it?

We know the internet has a gizzillion webpages to fill but this is really taking the biscuit. According to highly paid science nerds at the James Madison University in the good ole U.S. of A, they figured out what men and women want from relationships. And yes, you've guessed it...it’s not the same thing.

These brainy box dudes asked 150 hetrosexual ladies (not really enough to work out a true mean average really) and 71 hetrosexual males (even worse) if they would prefer to have casual sex or a relationship with the opposite sex and almost unanimously the guys opted for a cheeky one night stand while the gals went for the dating and then a relationship.

In another similar state-the-obvious research claim recently, US boffins found that women take an average of 14 dates to fall in love with a prospective partner whilst for men it's a matter of mili-seconds.

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