Real life wife-swap couple

If you have never seen the UK reality tv show 'Wife Swap', then not only are you missing out on comedy magic but also the chance to see just how much chemistry can develop between a married man and woman from two different relationships, over the course of a fortnight. For one actual couple though, having their other halves hook up for a steamy adulturous affair actually meant that they found love in each other's arms.

Lena Paget's husband of 18 years worked at Morrisson's supermarket and one night, he left early for a night shift at 4am, taking his toothbrush with him, she tells the Mirror. After following him, she found out that he had been having it off with the check-out girl where he worked. She rang his mobile, thinking she was leaving a rant on the answering machine of the check-out girl, Kim, when in reality, Kim's husband Mark picked it up.

After months of piecing together the events of their betrayal, Lena and Mark found love with each other and eventually married. 'The conversation really flowed with Mark – we could talk for hours about everything under the sun and it never felt forced or strange', Lena explains. Maybe putting car-keys into a bowl every once in a while with other couples isn't such a bad idea...

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