Re: Moat’s sex life

Even after he shot himself dead, The Sun are still getting mileage out of reporting on the ’crazed gunman’ Raoul Moat. Apparently, before shooting his girlfriend and her lover he was having an affair with a MAN (the upper case letters mean you should be shocked at this).

And to prove it, they’ve paid his ’secret boyfriend’, 34-year-old Carl Redford, a stack of cash to tell his side of their secret fling.

Apparently, his cousin was Moat’s neighbour. ’Whenever he knew I was round at my cousin's he would get me to go over to his place,’ crows Carl.

’We got very friendly and we became closer and closer.’

Other kiss-and-tell gems include the revelation that Moat one day caught Carl in the bath. ’ One thing led to another,’ he says.

But if you think losing his secret lover might for Carl be a painful subject,then think again. Talking of Moat’s death after a week on the run, he says: ’I felt sad at first - then I thought 'Good riddance'. He was a bad man.’

Simple tabloid titillation, which may or may not be true. And not a patch on the story of Gazza turning up at the police cordon offering chicken and lager for his pal ’Moaty’.

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