Raunchy Rio

There is one unhappy dance group in Rio right now. Every year at the carnival there is a competition to see who has the most amazing costumes. This year it was a close-run race – the gap between the winners and the losers just half a sequin! But why did the runners-up lose this half point. Well, because one of their dancers had a “wardrobe malfunction” with a difference. It wasn’t someone’s wilting feathers on their headdress or a bra cup popping off – this female dancer was left totally naked.

Although the carnival is known for its risqué, barely-there costumes, the rules of the carnival competition state that no dancers may appear nude, so they deducted half a point for completely breaking the rules. Just half a point! Well we suppose you only take off a small number for a small costume – to be precise a 3.5cm piece of glitter in a very strategic spot. Okaaaay…

Call us prudes but we have to ask – what does a 3.5cm strip of glitter cover anyway? Did she just stick a sparkly post-it on her poom-poom? Hmm, we’re going to Rio next year to find out. For research purposes…

(Image: from YouTube)

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