Rate my work-mate

Working shoulder to shoulder with the same people day upon day, it’s difficult not to have some opinion on whether your co-workers are good-looking or not. But to do an office ranking? It can only be the work of frisky young accountants.

And so it is. Male workers at an Irish branch of PricewaterhouseCoopers are being investigated over an email that rated the attractiveness of female colleagues.

The email’s subject line read: ‘This would be my shortlist for the top 10.’ It included 13 images of first-year accountancy trainees who had just joined.

PwC has said it was treating the investigation ‘extremely seriously’. A spokesperson grimly added: ‘We have commenced a full investigation which is ongoing.

‘Our main concern is the impact of this matter on the women who were the subject of these emails.

‘We are meeting with them regularly to offer them every reassurance that they have the full support of the firm in dealing with this very difficult issue for them.’

Thus the macho office culture prevalent in big accountancy firms is exposed. Those young male accountants may be sexist, but at least they’re not boring.

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