Facebook users enjoy poking in more ways than one, according to a new survey that suggests that social networking leads new couples to hop into bed with each other faster.

Four out of five women and three out of five men believed that texting and social networking sped up the dating process because a ‘digital intimacy’ had already been established.

Smart phones and laptops are preferred toys leading to bedroom hijinks, according to the 1,200 women and men polled in Men’s Fitness Magazine’s third annual sex survey.

And once in the bedroom itself, digital devices still play a part. When receiving a call or an SMS during sex, 5 per cent of those polled said they take a look to see who is making the call, with 1 per cent actually answering the phone.

And when the romance has fizzled (if you answer the phone during sex you’ve only self to blame), you can still maintain a cyber-connection - 81 per cent said they wouldn’t ‘de-friend’ an ex-lover on Facebook and 75 per cent admitting to constantly snooping on a former lover’s page.

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