A marriage made for heaven?

What consistutes the modern family? A 2.4 children scenario with Dad as the bread-winner, Mum as the domestic goddess, Billy playing sport and chasing girls and Sally studying hard and learning about boys? Perhaps not. As same-sex couples receive marriage rights in the UK and in parts of America and Europe, single parent families are on the rise and more couples choose to adopt, the nuclear family can truly be said to be a thing of the past.

But what then about gay men and women in Israel marrying in order to pretend to be a straight couple and bring up children? That's exactly what has been happening thanks to the liberal views and powers vested in Rabbi Areleh Harel, who has been performing the nuptual ceremonies of gay men and lesbians who want to raise kids and support each other as a family unit, Lesbilicious reveals.

'Harel [describes] the homosexual element of the marriages: 'Most of the couples agree not to have relationships with members of their own sex, but if there are ‘lapses’ once every few years, they don’t see this as a betrayal…Generally, it’s between them and their Creator.''

'Each couple makes their own decisions on how their marriage should be organised, although they receive support from psychologists, marriage counsellors and social workers. Moral and legal advice is also available to them, along with fertility advice, should the need arise.'

With some of these newly married couples staying together and others filing for a divorce, it seems that even those with the best of intentions of starting a family whilst being of the orientation not to do so naturally, face exactly the same challenges as straight couples (snoring, school-runs etc.).

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